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physical button with touchscreen

Hello guys, I am new to arduino LCD screens and want to know if I can use a physical button instead of using just the touchscreen functionality. if so, how could I use it to get to the next page? thanks Mitchell

Nextion is not an LCD screen

 - even if it contains an LCD

 - Nextion is an HMI device.

Ahhh... maybe if you want a button,

   an LCD screen might be what you need.

But how to do button in Arduino is on

 - when button is pressed send page 2ÿÿÿ

   or whatever number page you want shown.

Such external button is not for Nextion forum

If GPIO on an Enhanced Nextion

 - bind button to io3 or which you like

 - in component you are binding to .. page 2

   (or which ever is next)

thank you so much for that Patrick

I will head over to for more help

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