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Waveform type


is it posible to show graph like this ?


thank you 

sure, why not ... ?

Size of original graph may result in being off screen

 - but scaled down to the device ... yeah, mostly doable.

Can I see in HMI or tft file ?


Shown on a 7" Enhanced Capacitive Nextion

I am sorry for my english... I can load jpg on nextion but  I'll need to send data from arduino and generate graphs like this ... do u understand :) ? 

Indeed understood.

   What was asked was if it was possible, yes.

What was shown was indeed more than load jpeg picture


What is show done with Nextion Instruction Set, by MCU indeed achievable.

Pascal MCU code used to accomplish is not compatible with Arduino,

so my code becomes of little use for an Arduino, but result is as shown.

Can I see tft or hmi file to understand ?

Do u generate some kind of waveform or you draw each rectangle separate ? 

You can have image to help

But when you want to a waveform in this manner

  - generated by MCU side and sent to Nextion

then you must draw on as needed to what data says 

Ok thank you finally I understood .


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