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Scene on POW power consumption


It would be useful if I could add POW as trigger device to scene.



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and it would be useful also if TH16 could execute scene ...

It's really easy to do both we only need somebody from Sonoff to read this post :)


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Yes please add all sonoff switches as trigger devices. This will allow a virtual 2 way switch where you can control 1 light with more than 1 switch.

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Also need something like this to stop my swimming pool pump when my AC's are running as I am limited by the max power draw in my house... If 2 AC's or Oven are running, Pool, Booster and Well pump off. All are on Sonoff POW!

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The Scenes just got a lot better with RF Bridge and SC integration. Thanks itead, but we would appreciate the POW to use a Wattage threshold as a trigger.

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Wattage threshold as trigger for the POW in scenes to limit maximum demand will be very much appreciated.

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Not convinced Sonoff read the forums. Last time I read anything by them was during one of the server failures and was just to promise local control (that still hasn’t appeared almost six months later).
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