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Spaces between leters of the same word

I tried to experiment and make a page with 4 text field.

Actually , in the end i added a fifth one with different font.

What is happen is that on the same word, they are huge space between the letters, like they are in fact two words.

Does anybody has a fix for that ?

Is no code involved, just simple text.

The display is 7" enhanced.

Thank you

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Explained several times in forum in various threads.

"ZI Font" is monobit, fixed width.

 - 1/2 Height of Width when height is multiple of 8.

(4x8, 8x16, 12x24, 16x32 ... 72x144, 76x152, 80x160)

When one attempts to put 25x24 into a 12x24

   such as Arial ... generator attempts to adjust

This is not an error,

   it is the result of trying to use non fixed-width fonts.

Likewise funky effects of attempts to adjust happen.

Fixed Width fonts like

  Terminal, Consolas, Lucida Console ...

Do not face such drastic adjustments

Tools such as a Font Editor can adjust

   several provided to community by various users

Sergio's being the latest with the latest versions.

Search Bar Fonts

Thank you Patrick.

"Terminal, Consolas, Lucida Console" they will display proper ?
Where to search for Bar Fonts?
In Nextion or Google ?
Being a big display i want to put big fonts.
Do you ever sleep :)


I indeed get many sleep cycles in your day cycle

 - but mostly low power in recharge mode suffices =)

Top of every forum thread - Forum Search Bar for "Fonts"

Searched about bar fonts, found 4 topics,did not find an answer.
I took your suggestion Lucida and now everything is FINE.
Thank you very much.


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