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NEXTIon Editor - vs TJC Editor languages


I need help.

I pay for TJC display....TJC4024T032_011

I need help to build interface GUI...

I try use Nextion Editor 0.47 nut don't work...

I receive same error:

Model does not match

Device Model:NX4024T032_011R"

But in editor I have set right this model: NX4024T032_011

So I try use TJC editor from, named USART HMI

With this editor can compile....but don't work any example from ideadstudio site.

I need help for change languages from china in English.....

or tell me how can make program with Nextion Editor for my TJC device?



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We do not support TJC products

  - when you buy TJC - go to TJC,

    use their tools, their forums, their ticket support

If need be, sell TJC and buy Nextion 

Then with legit Nextion

  - then Nextion tools, Nextion forum, Nextion support