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I want to develop a trigger control panel using your Nextion HMI Software.

We want to develop a trigger control panel using your LCD module. 

We have done basic exercise of implementing push button and toggle switch. these we have simulated using your software. by now we could gain a basic idea how it can be used and be interfaced with a micro-controller with a RS232 port.

But still we are not able to design a control panel the way we want. We need your help to have a complete documentation or user guide to design the touch panel to meet the following details

1) We need to display voltage, time delay, etc in the form of variable from the controller.

2) We want to use pull down menus to select discrete values and to pass these values as variables to the host controller through RS232

3) We also want to assign string instead of fixed packets of codes for each item on the panel.

Please help us to use your products for developing industrial control applications. We need user guides and about the professional software development tools to be used.

We are expecting an early reply from you.

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sorry, but we can't do your commercial project for free, even not partially ...

such help as you request would be part of enhanced support, which is indeed a payed service ...

for more information about this service, just open a ticket ... that's nothing to discuss on a public forum ...


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