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Replace LCD

5 inch lcd was damaged.  

is it posiible to replace only LCD module of the nextion display?

ps. it works, but colors are missing, half of it is white coolor, and touch do not work.

the touch sensor has nothing to do with the LCD panel. So, when the touch also has some issues ... I bet there is a bit more damage than only the LCD panel ...

Even if you can't damage more, but a new Nextion is still more cheap than a new LCD panel wich finally won't work on the Nextion PCB ...

Simply speaking, forget this idea...

I'd try the LW500AC9001 to replace the display. It has a similar looking contacts. For the touch I don't have any idea.
Did you already remove the display from the PCB, and can look at it's back? Are there and stickers with product numbers or similar?


Sorry, it's a proprietary closed source display.

Even if pinouts could line up ... even if ... even if ...

Waste of money to buy what isn't compatible.

Nothing is compatible - it is proprietary closed source  Sorry.

Other Nextion with dead MCU maybe ...

  but no saying what was effected when MCU was killed

This path leads to wasted money, lost time, no satisfaction

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