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LED indicator ? maybe a stupid question ?

I need an LED ( or similar ) indicator to indicate a alarm , where or how do you make/get  one ? I tried the radio button but I just need a simple indicator of status. 

Windows Paint or favourite Graphics program

Load as picture resource of equal size into Editor

One picture when not alarm state

One picture for when alarm state

Change Picture Component based on state required

But one question to ask is 

  is a small LED a real indicator of an alarming situation?

I might think background flashing RED and NOT

   might have more attention given to an Alarm state

so change the background to flashing between 2 colors ? how do you change pix by state ? I assume this uses the crop feature ? new to this so sorry for the stupid ?'s 

As a simple indicator of status

 - a radio button does provide visual simply.

 - simply toggle color values of the checkbox

 - the Nextion Instruction set also has a filled circle command

How much time you want to spend in graphics work

   will always apparent in the final appearance.

Lets say off is pic 4 in Pictures pane

Lets say on is pic 5 in Pictures pane

Set Picture Component p0.pic to value 4 - default off

When alarm state arises .. send p0.pic=5ÿÿÿ

Cropping is to toggle only a segment under component

   from what is in that region of one picture

   to what is in that region of another picture

.bco attribute is background color option

if in off state, maybe .bco is color 65535 white

if in alarm state, set .bco color to 32768 red

toggle between the two

   different times to hold between give different effect

   - 250ms then toggle, 250ms and toggle

   - 2000ms then toggle, 2000ms and toggle

   - 350ms for off then 1650ms for alarm also different

How is up to you

When new to this

   Help Menuitem of Help Menu in Editor launches Nextion HMI Solutions page

Spend good time in

  - Nextion Editor Quick Start Guide

  - Nextion Instruction Set

Start to see what is possible with what commands and combinations

Then spend some time in 

  - Nextion user manual and see some examples

  - check code in the Iteadlib Arduino Nextion Library

  - Try out some of the components in examples folder.

Then check

  - Nextion Gallery in forum to see what others have been able to do

  - read some threads (SearchBar on every forum page helps)

Once you have an idea of what you want to accomplish and how you might go about it

   then don't be afraid to try pieces in smaller programs to get the hang of it.

Bring your coding A game. Adopt what works, discard what doesn't.

In the Free Chat section of the forum Debate, Challenge, and Learn

  (check thread is at least somewhat recent and read before posting)

  (check that thread isn't already covered many many times - SearchBar)

Showcase your master piece in the Nextion Gallery.

  - either in a related thread, or new thread if not covered already

For Feature Requests 

  - always look for existing request and upvote it

    two competing threads for same feature have less chance dividing votes.

Help out others by answering questions you might know.

Contribute as you can and have fun coding

Nextion is an awesome capable device.

Attached blue, green, amber, and red 16x16 led

  for on a background #404040 or .bco=16904

(399 Bytes)
(416 Bytes)
(438 Bytes)
(434 Bytes)

THANKS  BIG help !! Patrick 

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