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change status of dual state button with outside command

I have 4 dual state button.

I would like when i press one, the ON status is sent to my microprocessor.

Next, i press another button. Again the On status is sent serial out.

What i need now is to turn OFF the first button with a command from my microprocessor.

I know it can be done on Nextion with a script on a hot spot, but i want my processor to turn it OFF or ON.

How i can do it ?

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For all components

  - Component attributes in green in Nextion Editor can be changed at runtime.

   page.component.attribute=value or


Terminate all commands to Nextion with 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF.

Will you be so kind and complete this statement for BT2 to turn ON or OFF.
For me is just second day with Nextion and i do not understand all the terms.
I know page is 0
component is bt2
what are attributes ?
Which one is of ON and which one is for Off ?
Thank you



Just to be clear
Is it correct this statement ?

 Thank you

just try it out ... and observe what happens with your buttons ...


I just asked if the sentence is correct.
In one day of playing with your device and software i did not have time to read all the instructions.
Was so difficult to tell me if it is correct or not.
I just got this initial
I figure out the page and component name, but i did not know what to write for attribute
The word ATTRIBUTE the word Value or the word VAL.
Was so hard to just answer with a yes or no :(
I am working to replace a wireless thermostat we have(Commax) with yours. Meaning 10-20000 pieces a year.
But if it is so difficult to get help for transition, maybe we choose the wrong product.
Have a great day


- may I ask back ...

    - is it so hard to read other threads ...

    - is it so hard to just try out the code in your editor instead of writing the same code as posting ...

    - is it so hard to press help under help in the editor ...

    - is it so hard to use the Forums searchbar to look for "Dual-State" ...

    - ...

out of curiosity ...

    - estimated 20000 units a year ...

    - using a competitors display, only 25$ more expensive ...

    - makes a more investment per year of 500000$ ...

    - and your boss like to pay this additional only because you are not able to use a simple search bar ...

wondering ...

You are rude !
If you cannot deal with forum members, your place is not here.
And buying in quantities, the price is cheaper than buying one piece.
Please refrain to reply.


I only spot the facts, nothing more. If you can't handle them, sorry that's your issue ...

buying in quantities fit to every ... buying the same quantity from Itead is still more cheap than buying this quantity from another ... :-)



sorry when my professionalism does not fit every customers ideas ... that's also not my duty to proof ...

It is our task to

    - give technical help as its best
    - keep the forum in an order

To do it seriouse is already a very time-consuming issue.
But it is not our task to

    - find postings for users
    - read postings for users

    - try out simple code for users

    - read the help for users

    - ...

Sorry, this is just a bit out of our scope ... we have better things to do ...   

People who claim it as their legal right to even post in the wrong forum shouldn't call others rude. Such people are just a bit arrogant and ignorant to the detriment of the whole forum ...