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Read EEPROM memory from Arduino

[Edited to contain the requested Feature Request]

[   coding questions shall be posted in Free Chat  ]


I need read the EEPROM memory of NEXTION from Arduino, using the library nextion for arduino.

  to send all memory EEPROM of nextion to arduino.


You might consider using my NextionLightLib (to be found in the Gallery section) - it has less comfort than the standard Iteadlib, but offers EEPROM read and write functions as well.


As a feature Request, the Iteadlib Arduino Nextion Library

  doesn't yet have an NexEEPROM module.

The feature request will be based on this aspect.

Coding Questions of how to handle in the interim 

    shall be made in Free Chat and not in Feature Requests

(Post will be edited to reflect)

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