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Nextion Enhanced - PIC MicroChip

Hey All.

I have been playing with the Nextion Enhanced version - Has anyone created a Libuary for C18 Microchip?


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Patrick. Now you have me interested, what PIC you using? Have you got a video of your project. Can you share the library if i give you my email address? Jason.

Currently I am using STM32F103s and an STM23F407 series MCUs.

My answer of yes is

 - there are those on the forum that have worked with PIC MCUs

 - the Search Bar at the top might help locate the threads a bit quicker.

Library?  Nextion is a two wire TTL Serial device.

Send commands over serial

But your code is going to be specific to your designed HMI

much less chance they give their commercial code away

I would also think the Arduino C++ lib, or others posted on the forum would be sufficient example to provide guidelines that you could convert for any C18 nuances 

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