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Comunication PSOC 5 with NEXTION?

Hi friends.....

Someone working with PSOC 5 LP. I'm trying to communicate with NEXTION and I have not yet

The Nextion is accepts much of its commands via text over serial
These commands can be found in the Nextion Instruction Set located here

As well as the list of Nextion commands, the Nextion Instruction Set also has
A list of the valid Nextion Return Codes and the format of the expected data being returned.

Other samples and Tutorials can be located in the Itead Blog located here

Further Information can be found in the posts in the Announcement section of the Forum


You will need to read your manuals and documentation for your PSOC 5 LP
to understand how to send from your MCU over TTL serial to Nextion.

There are over 10,000 different MCUs that can use Nextion

 ... I certainly wont be memorizing each and all procedures

and to be clear, this is no question of your used MCU or PsoC ...
but more like a question of your used programming language ...


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