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Met problems when working on an STM32f401 Nucleo board

I am working on an STM32f401 Nucleo board(datasheet for reference: and ESP8266-01 wifi module.

I am using Eclipse gcc-arm tool chain and cubeMx to generate code. I can transfer and receive data perfectly with USART/UART DMA.


Now I am stuck with ESP8266-01. I cannot send data from MCU to ESP and I'm not getting response from ESP to MCU. I already tested the ESP module communication, I can connect TO THE wifi with AT commands through USB and can also receive data in web via socket connection.


BTW,I configured USART1_TX/USART1_RX with PA9/PA10

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and what has this to do with a Nextion HMI display?

if your communication between a STM and an ESP won't work, you should rather ask on either STM or ESP developer forum ...

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