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Error compiling dual state button

Hi, I want to consult about an error that arises when compiling. I only have one dual button. The message is as follows: error compile bto invalid font. Due to this error I can not debug. Where will the problem be? I'm new to using this screen I hope you can help me. I am also working with the PSOC5LP kit, and there is not much information.....thank you...

You haven't added a font to your project.

Refer to Nextion Editor Quick Start Guide

Thank you Patric.....that problen is already solved...but still can not comunicate with my PSOC 5LP.....i am working on it...I wait for your advice

Please refer to Nextion TTL Serial

How your MCU pushes bytes over serial - your MCU manual.

For the record, I can find how to configure UART of PSOC 5

   tutorial on Google in first page of search.

But this is user task.

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