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4,3" Baudrate

I use Win 7 and a Nextion 5 "and 4.3". Both expanded.
The editor is up to date.
The firmware for the Nextion also.

The 7 "works very well.
The 4.3 "can not be used to set a baud rate of more than 9600.

Here is some information:

From the editor:

Connected! Com:COM3,baudrate:9600,Model:NX4827K043_011R(RTP),firmware Ver:S62,Device serial number:D363C453031A2637,CPUID:61699,Flash Size:33554432(32MB)
Forced upload baudrate:115200  Start uploading
Forced interrupt!

From the 4.3 "Nextion

Model does not match
Device Model:


File Version ist too low

How do I get a higher baud rate set?
Greeting and thanks

you just did have higher baudrate of 115200

Model does not match and File version too low

are different errors.

ZIP and upload TFT what you think is faulty

I read very much ...


works very well.
Many Thanks
Greeting and fun


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