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Nextion HMI not getting power On

Hello, please help me. 

i'm beginner with Nextion HMI. My Nextion HMI work normaly for 2 month.
but, suddently my HMI Display not getting on. I use nextion with type : NX8048T050_011R. when I upload with SD card my nextion "ON". after upload success, I restart my nextion. But my nextion LCD is black screen. 
Please help me, I use this for my final project one week ahead.

When you upload by microSD card

  - are you able to see the firmware upload?

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Yes of course, I try to upload with SD card to ensure that my nextion get power supply about 5v. and I have check with Voltage Meter that the supply is 5V. But after upload success, my nextion still black screen.

Which version of the Nextion Editor have you been using?

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Nextion Editor V0.47.
FYI, I used this version an hour ago and my nextion working normally.

Please upload HMI

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this is my HMI file for my project.

(4.8 MB)

while I download HMI file - did you check power supply

that it is as recommended in 5" Basic Model DataSheet

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I try to connect with 5V from my PC and I've checked and ensure the voltage that according to the datasheet 5" Basic Model DataSheet.

and how about the current?

I think the current is OK and suitable, because before I get this trouble, my nextion working normally

wrong ... current consumption is not constant .... growing hmi, possibly growing current ...

Well the good news for you first

 - you wont be needing to purchase a new 5" Nextion display.

   So at least in that you wont need to see Vendor

Good news for me

   Problem is in code, and not a BUG.

oke i use power supply in my campus, when my nextion in mode upload with SD card, ampere meter show 0.36 A and when I unplug my SD card the ampere meter show 0.16A. 

So order of operation

Page Preinitialize Event 

   - occurs before page is loaded

Page Loads

    - statically, with variables set as per the HMI Design

Page Postinitialize Event

    - occurs after the page has been loaded

So what do you suppose should happen with

    page 0

In a preinitialization event of first page?

Constant loop

   page 0's preinitialize

      page 0 command  - go back to the very beginning 

Now the bad news ....

   you need to order fresh pizza for Gerry and I ... 

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