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Nextion NX4832K035_011

Hello! Can someone tell me: arduino nano, display NX4832K035_011, the project on the display consists of three pages, the volume of 2.9 mgb, the project has three pages (480x320 high-resolution images, hours, temperature, pressure, pile of buttons, etc.) that only did not Does not work, on one page did an unpretentious project works, but does not want to work on it, or whether it is necessary to take an arduin small Uno or MEGA, if the project is big, I'm suffering for the third day or what does not work, Maybe someone will say what's the matter ??
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You will indeed have to describe what is not working.

Does not work is insufficient and too little.

When changing pages, old page is no longer in memory

 - think of each page as smaller program and code accordingly

Arduino has Serial Monitor, important to make use of to debug.

putting meaningful messages to Serial Monitor increases understanding

Many examples in Iteadlib Arduino Nextion Library

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