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Format JSon


Hi, I want to know is what we can use Json Format for Arduino communication with Display

Only if you can format JSON to replicate the Nextion Instruction Set

ok can you give link ( if available ) how to do this 

Sorry.  But the fact you ask for a link

  perhaps indicates beyond your abilities and out of reach

This would be your duty as programmer to create

   The Nextion Instruction Set is Text based input, binary mixed output.

What you use for your MCU, programming language etc is also your choice.

Programming of the MCU is user domain.

Iteadlib Arduino Nextion Library is free to use and modify

  I would suggest using it as a quideline to assist you

But why build a text based interpreter (JSON) to interpret text commands?

On an MCU, such would deplete the MCU resources without work being done.

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