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Viewing angles & orientation

Hi all, 

I've been unsuccessful getting an answer from technical support regarding this, so thought I'd throw the question open to the public. 

I recently bought the 2.4" Nextion display, which works great when in portrait mode, but in landscape, the viewing angle is very limited. Colours start flipping with a small change in viewing angle and it's just generally difficult to read (unless you close one eye to reduce the weird effects caused by viewing from two different angles simultaneously)

I bought this small display to use for a proof of concept device and plan to use a larger display on my final design. Can anyone tell me which, if any, of the larger displays are designed to be viewed natively in landscape mode? I don't expect to find a perfect display for all conditions, I just want something that's "good enough"

Thanks all. 

 have you tried to use your display horizontal 180' turned ?

I think I've found my answer. It looks like the product dimension PDFs have an arrow on the display which indicates the native orientation of the LCD. 










Could someone confirm that I have understood these drawings correctly?

Historically there were two programming orientations

    Portrait and Horizontal

For a long time now, the Nextion HMI can be designed for

    0° 90° 180° and 270° orientations.

Which one to use?  Choice of user to which is most appealing.

But this is an individual choice and decision, no?

Final viewing angles is dependant on where it is mounted.

This is completely within the users control to design mounting.

Adjusting such viewing angle with shims to desired position

   or with a pivotal bracket, all such are user design choices.

Each and every product will have varied requirement and preference

   varied from product to product, user to user.

As such the majority of Nextions arrive unmounted

   user can mount as desired to their own preferences and needs

Viewing angle and interpretation of colours is also influenced

   by gender.  Males have less ability to distinguish colors than

   females.  A visual impairment can also effect perception, light

   sensitivity, development of cones, or other anomalies.

Environmental factors also play into view angle, difference in

   the amount of natural or ambient lighting effects perception.

Nextion is a general purpose display category, that is without

   attention to special Accessibility requirements.

In the Nextion Editor 2.4" 0° orientation set in Device

   is indeed a portrait orientation.

Document Arrow could indeed be interpreted as view angle

  especially when document has "Viewing Angle" wording

Uploading a compiled HMI to display with text at top

   will confirm each orientation (0° 90° 180° 270°)

This is not a Level 2 Hardware issue, so not for ticket support.

But indeed within user control to test (and in less time than ask)

I think you're still failing to understand my question, but thanks for your response anyway. 

Restate your question

Hi Patrick, I’ll try to explain a bit better, apologies if I sound like I’m teaching you to suck eggs. 

The range of ideal viewing angles for the LCD is shaped somewhat like a squashed cone, much wider than it is tall. That’s just the nature of the (I'm guessing) TN LCD type which you use in your displays. As you will know, if your view point is outside of the “ideal” viewing cone, the contrast starts to fade and colours will eventually become inverted. Anyone who used a laptop about 20 years ago will recognise this effect. Most modern LCD technologies aren’t so affected by this effect.

This isn’t necessarily a problem when viewing the display in the native orientation (Portrait mode for the 2.4" LCD) because your eyes are positioned side by side, as opposed to on top of each other(!), so they both sit within the viewing cone. 

See figures 2 and 4 on this page, it may explain slightly better:

If the display is rotated by 90 degrees (I'm turning the 2.4" display into landscape mode), the viewing cone is still ovular, but is now vertical, so your eyes don’t sit within the same part of the viewing cone. One eye gets the lower contrast and/or inverted colours, the other eye gets the correct contrast and normal colours. In certain scenarios (in most noticeable on the test screen), I’m seeing the white circle in the top right as white and black simultaneously. Which gives a weird shimmery, 3D effect and makes the display difficult to read. 

Again, this isn’t a problem specific to your displays and this isn’t a complaint, it’s an observation that this effect occurs when viewing a TN LCD in the wrong orientation.

In order for me to make an informed decision on my next purchase, all I want to know is which of your displays have an LCD which was designed to be viewed in landscape mode, so this effect will not be noticeable. 

I hope that clears things up?

Makes a big difference when you frame you question more appropriately 

In order for me to make an informed decision on my next purchase, all I want to know is which of your displays have an LCD which was designed to be viewed in landscape mode, so this effect will not be noticeable

You seem to already be well informed

 - observations, research, datasheets and drawings

So all drawings with viewing angles across the thinnest distance would be landscape

 - but you already knew this

It certainly did seem like it was more of a complaint

certainly earlier did not really pose a question

but as I stated, it is a user choice

I haven't been paid to make such user design decisions - so it users choice.

Users choice should be based on user requirements and needs

and in any project, users should always select accordingly

But again as stated earlier - 

   Nextion is general purpose (without any Accessibility considerations)

Your conal effect is certainly less an issue when mounted for perpendicular viewing regardless of orientation, so what I stated earlier is still valid.  One can program their nextion for all of these things and final mounting will be the determining factor.  It can be wrong from mounting even with you doing by your criteria choices.  I have also seen "portrait" nextions used and in final product no issues even when mounted landscape.

But, so sorry, it does seem like you are being extremely picky.

I am not certain you  can't find mini faults regardless of which Nextion

It isn't the fact you noted - but more the fact you seem fixated on

As such, you may indeed require a different product that suits your needs.

When there are Accessibility products that would suit your requirements

Your duty is to choose all the components for your project

So no hard feelings if Nextion doesn't fit your need because of viewing angle.

Just hard to find an Accessibility HMI solution at Nextion pricing.


Honestly, when I read the first post written by Mike, I didn't see it as a complaint against the Nextion, but more as a question in order to know what to expect of the different Nextion sizes.


unsuccessful getting an answer from technical support

Ok, I see.

But is this a complaint or just a fact?


No product can be perfect for all uses for everyone.

Nextion is also not a 145/180 viewing angle.

When what Nextion is is not sufficient for a purpose

 - then one has to choose which components they

   want to use in their project that will suit their purpose.

Always to use components that will meet their requirements.

Mike complained because he didn't receive answer from technical support.

He didn't complain about the Nextion itself, he just asked which sizes are better viewed in portrait or landscape.

not the truth, he opened a ticket, and I answered ... 

if my answer didn't fit what he expect, sorry, thats a different point ...

For the sake of completeness, the answer I received from technical support goes as follows...


Dear Mike,

our displays do work in all 4 directions ... but it is in the nature of LCD panels in general, that readability will change based on your angel of view.

    - ambient light

    - color temperature of ambient light

    - ...

can all influence this. Therefore I can't exactly tell you, if our displays will fit exactly your needs. Because I just don't know any about your target ambient conditions.


An answer, but fundamentally misunderstanding the nature of my question regarding viewing angles. Obviously, I know you can rotate the display(!) I decided to post here because I was hoping to engage with someone who would consider the question more carefully. 

With regards to Patrick's response above "Always to use components that will meet their requirements.", I absolutely intend to, but the question I posed was intended to find out which Nextion display would meet my requirements and I'm still not 100% sure I have an answer. 

None of my posts so far have been intended as a complaint, despite the fact that Gerry and Patrick are the two rudest "Support" technicians I've ever had the misfortune to deal with. I'm not offended by this, because I've taken a look through many posts where they have responded and I can see that it's not personal. They take this approach with pretty much everyone.  A number of words come to mind; 

  • Patronising
  • Arrogant
  • Unprofessional

Patrick & Gerry, I wouldn't dare question your technical prowess, your self-congratulatory posts are testament to that enough, but you guys are here to support members of the public in their use of the Nextion display, primarily on the Arduino platform (I'm sure this isn't your only role in Itead).  Considering the Arduino platform is designed to be so accessible, there is bound to be a wide range of experience levels coming to you for support. Novices, amateurs, professionals, etc. I would guess that the majority of Arduino users fall into the category of "Novice" and as such, you should expect to deal with very simple questions, questions which perhaps should be asked elsewhere and questions on the quality and suitability of the Nextion displays for different purposes. The way you deal with these questions is not just a technical role, you are also working in Public Relations. 

If people don't buy this technology because they're concerned that they won't be able to figure out how to use it, or are concerned that the manufacturer will not respond in a helpful way to technical support questions, the product will fail - regardless of quality and/or low price. In my opinion, you make these support forums an unwelcoming place, anyone coming here and reading a few of your responses would think twice about asking for help.

Ultimately, I think the product is superb and it's very likely I'll be purchasing a larger screen for my project. But, if there were another product with similar features, I would most definitely be spending my money elsewhere. 

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