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Finding references everywhere in the code

It would be very help full  to implement a tool to easily find variables which are used in the Nextion Editor.

A lot of variables can be used multiple times on multiple places in a project, and it can be tricky to find them back. Especially if you want to modify the code after a long period of time, or in big projects.

Below i show a VB example how to easily find variable "Bits7" what is used multiple times on different locations in a project. By clicking in the "Symbol Result" the program go's directly to that point in the code.


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Nextion doesn't really work in the same manner as VisualBasic

Variables/Timers along the bottom of canvas

Other components either on the canvas or in Attribute Pane

But Nextion isn't a page of code as VB - it is organized into events.

  When this is pressed or released do ...

  - exceptions are Timer, Slide, and Page

I am even less certain of such a request

    project documentation is users domain within user's control

Maybe less likely Nextion dev team overtakes such responsibility

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