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Return data in simulator not making sense.

Hi currently pulling my hair out here. In my example i am just using to buttons to go from page 0 to page 1 and back again.I am having an issue where by when simulating and running the sketch the data returning does not match what is happening.

In the first example I am only using a button to move to a page.

the touch Press Event simly has page A(in my case and the second page is named A. So I should be seeing in the simulator and mcu return data fields under debug

0x65(touch event) 0x00(page id) 0x01(button id) 0x01 (command completed) 0xff 0xff 0xff. (end of statment)

what I am seeing is

0x70 (instruction set says this is a value return but I am not pushing a value) 0xff 0xff 0xff. It also repeats this line 4 times.

So What am I doing wrong. Could any body point me in the right direction??#

Many thanks

upload HMI

Case close

 - user understandings does not qualify as a firmware BUG

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