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Nextion Math constructs

Can someone please show some examples or reference to examples of the maths constructs in nextion

I get errors when I try to use normal brackets

For argument sake how do I calculate

y=a+ b*c/d

y= (a+b)/c

y= a+((100-b)*c)/d    where a, b, c, d are all global integer variables, or written integers in the equation

I realize the problems with integer maths that it is probably better to multiply first before a divide


You can do it Rod, have faith.

What is Order of Operations 

  - what gets done first if there was such an Order of Operation?

When written and calculated by hand

 - which do you do first, next, next and last

Nextion follows that "by hand" - "No order of Operation" method.

Set you equations up as such and all is fine.

So what you are saying is for y=(a+b)/c



or   for   y= a+((100-b)*c)/d





and because you now have the correct order

you can shorten the number of lines



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