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Timer work


my Nextion Display is 4.3" Enhanced and i want "Lista1.Ordenes" (timer) be executed also when I am in other pages, for example when I write code 58 followed by code 60 in the main menu, execute the instructions of those codes, Like those I have 40 different code. I was thinking of using the "wepo" instruction but I really do not know if it helps.

(4.79 MB)

First, go back to the other thread and absorb the info provided there.

It does not look like what I need : /

Concepts and understandings do NOT come in ready made copy and paste code. Sorry. =(

>> i want "Lista1.Ordenes" (timer) be executed also when I am in other pages

The relevant information you need was all stated in the other thread.

  - such will not work as you want, and why

  - event code must be on current page

So whether or not it "looks" like what you need,

   it explains and demonstrates timers used across pages.

In the manner used in clock.HMI - possible

    in the manner you "originally wanted" - not possible and explanation of the whys.

So you must adjust your code to new understandings.

Patrick, I did not want to bother you but I'm creating a similar event code timer on each page to execute the action of "Lista1" and specifically the "MPC" cycle on pages that are not list 1 is creating an arithmetic error.I can not remove this error

(4.89 MB)

5MB download is rough each question to debug code.

    286 lines in one, 719 lines in another.

what is it that you are trying to actually do.

I'm trying to do what I asked you days ago, I'll be honest, the idea is for a restaurant, imagine that I need every table in the restaurant to have a button to order service, the arduino does RF communications, every table has a different code And assuming that code 58 means table 1 wants service and code 59 means table 1 is already serviced.I want these values ​​to be kept organized even if you change pages to do other things. The logic to sort the tables is quite extensive and complicated, that's why I asked you days ago how to do that a little easier.My problem right now is maintaining order and values ​​through the pages

How many tables in total?

In the project you have, if you delete "MPC" from "Main Menu" you erase the error.When you are in the "Lista1" page you can simulate the codes by typing codes in the variable "Cod_ard.val" from 58 to 67 .. some are to delete and others to add tables.

20 tables in total as you see it in JPG images

please remember ...

- what is inside your head as you have been spec'ing your code requirements 

  is not documented in you HMI file so another can read.

What shortform variable names mean to you (with inside knowledge)

  is not apparent to an onlooker.

Nextion FAQs ... we don't debug user code ... 



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