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How to bring a button from another page

Guys, i need your help, maybe one of you know how to bring a button from another page, i hope comments, Thank's.

Sorry please describe more.

On first look, one can not bring a button from another page

Maybe I did not understand what you are seeking

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I have 20 buttons with different crop images and functions, distributed in 4 different pages, I just want to bring them to the main page when i need them

Event code must be run only when

  - button is within current page.

If they are to be on a main page, you would need to recreate similar on main page

When page is not current, page is not in memory.

You'd indeed need to create functions you want within loaded page

Yes, Thank's Martin, i found a new way to do this, you don't have Team Viewer Martin? haha

No Team Viewer.

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Patrick, how do I move a button from the "Y" position with instructions?

Event code can be placed in any component touch press/release event

   The Nextion Instruction Set click command can be used to trigger

This allows code of original button to be copied into other code containers

including pictures or even non-visual component like a hotspot.

Visually, one can create an illusion of such move

 - with an MCU looping the x,y coord of touch, the MCU can track if

   the gui generated button is pressed or released and trigger click.

 - or creating a backgroundless page to give illusion still on main page.

 - but this doesn't allow the "button" to be moved across pages

   as the HMI design of components is static.

Most good effects are indeed illusions with coded functionality.

Only green attributes in the Nextion Editor are dynamic and can be

  changed at runtime.  Attributes such as .x or .y are static (black)

That means, if I want to have 20 different buttons in 4 different "Y" positions of the screen I will need to create 80 buttons ?, 20 per position?

No, if there are only 4 (x,y) positions, you only need 4 buttons.

Ohhh, i already understand what you mean Martin, very grateful for your answers, you are the best man

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