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RF pairing to remote

I have my device connected and working but can not get it to link to any RF remote. I double tap the little switch as directed in the instructions but the led does not flash red. Any help appreciated.

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I've opened the device and can confirm the RF module is present. There is a switch on the RF module, anyone know what this does?

Same problem, no solution :(

I've been told by developers that normal pairing should work or I can open the shell and press the 433MHz module for more than 2s to enter pairing mode. If this doesn't work it's a faulty device. Neither worker for mine so I got a refund. I'm now using the new Alexa skill so no need for the RF.

I've bought two Sonoff RF units with remotes. Both connect to WiFi ok, BUT neither pair with 433MHz remote using instructions provided. ie. press button twice rapidly to place in pairing mode. No red LED and no pairing. I tried pressing button on RF board for 2 sec (as per post by Mike), but still no result. I note there has been no response from ITEAD - this is very frustrating!! I have attached a photo of the unit I have. CAN SOMEONE FROM ITEAD PLEASE RESPOND.

I have the same problem and i did exactly the same you did. Now Im asking ebay seller to refund. Sonoff have a problem with this units and is not recognizing it.

I have the same problems with 2 sonoff RF, Its nor pair at all,  with the original remote that sale in Itead

same problem. 3 units Order #100077350


same problem.  Order # 100115356


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