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GPS Display Project

I wanted to build a GPS application that could display this information on Nextion panel.  I am using the 4.3 inch panel.  I have included all source code including the Nextion panel code to display this GPS data.

The project shows how to construct a number of classes that are used to break down the NEMA data coming from the Waveshare GPS unit.  Any GPS that outputs NEMA data will work.

I used Serial 1 for the Nextion panel and Serial 2 for the Waveshare GPS module.

For the most part everything works and displays the signal strength of each Satellite in view up to 12 satellites.

One problem that I encountered is that the Nextion panel generate RF noise in the GPS band and prevents the GPS from getting a fix.  If I shut the panel down the GPS gets a 3d fix.  Powering on the panel causes it to loose the 3d fix.


GPS Display


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Antenna placement.

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