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Nextion Editor Crashes when Google Drive is scanning or backing up files

I have my Nextion projects in my Google Drive folder.

Whenever Google Drive is backing up files or scanning the folder for changes, if I try to save or compile my Nextion project, it just crashes with an error message.

Many times the hmi project also gets corrupted, and I have to download my last backup from Google Drive. All this becomes time consuming.

Now I have other programs (AVR-GCC, Eclipse etc) that also have problems when Google Drive is backing up. But they just give an error message "Access is Denied" or "The file is already open in another with a different name" etc.   

But they never crash. I just have to wait a few seconds and then save the file.

Please fix this extremely annoying bug. Thank you!

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service developed by Google ...

To use such services is on your own duty and risk, sorry ...

When you use a valid drive with a proper implemented file system, everything works as expected, as you can see when use just a simple local drive with a FAT32 filesystem installed ...

It is out of scope, to implement bug handlings for objectionable implemented third-party solutions, even they are commonly used ...

When Google Drive is not 100% compatible with standard drive and filesystem mechanisms, sorry, Google would be the right contact for fixing ...



This *not* a Google drive only issue. 

This will happen even if the file is opened by another program or editor.

I've used other software.


In case a file is already opened in another editor/program, they just give an "access denied" message, but they never crash.

It should be simple to implement such an 'access denied' message without crashing on Nextion. 

Before trying to save, Nextion just needs to check if the file is locked for editing (by another program), that's all.

Please try it. 

Thanks for the reply.

sorry, which other programm uses the proprietary hmi or tft format?

there is no need to check, because no other programm have to use them ...

and if so, it is no Itead software ... HMI and TFT are IP of Itead, if any third-party software do access, it is again on your own risk and duty ...

and if you use a backup service outside your direct control, sorry, that's again your risk and duty ...

Nextion Editor is a local program, therefore using local resources.

It was not designed for cloud based resources.

If it was to be designed for cloud based

  - perhaps you would load via browser and not local executable.

It is not a bug when user like to deviate from intended purpose

  and deviation does not work.

It is not time consuming to save locally.

It takes no additional time to load from local resource

 ie: drive C documents folder.



What I'm suggesting is really basic..

If Nextion can just check if the file is locked or opened elsewhere before saving, it would be great!

It could be an email program, or I'm to zip my project, or just another instance of Nextion with the same file open (by mistake).

Actually, a program should *never* have an "Unhandled Exception" which I'm getting now.

All exceptions should have a safe exit path.

Unhandled Exceptions always have unpredictable results. 

Most programs implement it (Simple 'Access is Denied' message in such an event). 

Anyways, I think I have made my point. 

The rest is up to you how to take customers feedback ! :D

Thank you.


Suggestions are made in Feature Requests

You reported a bug, and this is not a bug.

But to be fair, such request for cloud service is unlikely

Google is inaccessible by 1/2 the users

Amazon has fair coverage, but not total

Nextion is global, and as such, needs to work amongst all.

But again, misuse does not make it a bug when used wrong fails.

I don't think it is possible to catch all user "accidents". That's also not task of such a software ...

When using such like our Editor, a minimum of user knowledge should be mandantory ...

In any case, it is not a bug, a Feature Request would be the better way ...

Those gathering the feature requests will not find your suggestion buried in wrong part of forum.

They will not think to look in Gallery, Free Chat or Report A Bug.

To be noted for consideration, then community must support

So it is important to upvote your favourite feature requests.

Locate the existing request and upvote it

 - creating new will not show the support for the request

~20,000 registered forum users,

  less than 5 is indeed a weak request


Again, the program gives "Unhandled Exception".

Any exception or error encountered by the program, for whatever reason, has to be handled.

I'm no expert, but I do know that "Unhandled Exception" messages in a program is bad news.

What ever be the reason for the crash, the program should exit/shutdown gracefully.

"Unhandled Exception" is a no-no :-) and I know that from my (sparse) dot-net programming experience.

Please investigate this and try to avoid this, even if it is due to an user error, and no user commits an error on purpose. 

User wants to save file .....

Is file locked by O.S. ?

          ...... yes?..... error message "Access is denied, Save with new Name"...back to normal, user will                               try later (which all other programs do).

         ....... no? .....  save the file!

This is all that needs to be done! 

Your programming team will understand.

Thank you!

I just want to address your suggestion

If Nextion can just check if the file is locked or opened elsewhere before saving, it would be great!

Imagine for a moment you are the designer of the closed source Nextion Editor.

To check if the file is

   - locked

   - opened elsewhere

before saving.

What purpose would this have when

   - the Nextion Editor does not implement a locking mechanism

       - how could the file be locked?  By whom, by what?

Another program would need to have locked it

   - and therefore such undesired program opening closed source

     would not inspire making any easier to share between invading program.

The Nextion Editor is closed source

Opened Elsewhere?

   - there is no need for another file to be opening Nextion HMI or TFT files.

As a matter of the only plausible way that the file is opened already

   is for two Nextion Editor instances on the same computer to open the same HMI.

Surely no single user works

    on two instances of the same project on the same system at the same time

So you see, there is no need to waste time for any checking of things that

    are less than permitted.

When the user uses the program in the prescribed manner

   there is no such unhandled exception.

So just use in the prescribed manner and you have no error.

And it is exactly that I understand, why I tell you such is denied.

Thank You.

Well, I hope this will be sorted in the next version...

As my programming professor said :

" No program should give an 'Unhandled Exception'. All loose ends should be tied up at the earliest!"

Thanks again.

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