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I connected my Nextion into 12vdc by accident!

Dear friends,

I made a mistake and connected my Nextion 7" in 12VDC :-(

Now it does not work and the L1 heats a lot. Any tip? Is it fixable or I lost it?

Thanks in advance.

Anderson Grossi

Sorry, I know everyone would like good news in times like this.

12V is too far over acceptable operating voltages.

But in the future you most likely wont forget a regulator for Nextion's power line.

Less helpful for now, ... future you will see it as more helpful then

If you are lucky, you only blew the 5V regulator.  Find it and replace it with a similar one.. You have nothing to loose and it will cost you < $1 for the part...

Hello Dave,

I have changed it. It was burnt! But the display did not work. I found another IC with problem... IL6EB. I will try to by and change. 

Thanks for the tip!

Hello i saw a topic where you fixed your nextion screen but i cant reply in that topic.

I could use your help and buy from you u7 and u4. hope this thread doesnt get blocked as well.

I have 8 nextion 7 screens i spent over 1000 eur on nextion products it sucks that they dont want you to fix their screens when they burn out, in mi case because of a failed power supply. 

anyway if you are willing to help please let me know. tank you so much in advance.

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Although the hardware is not Open Source, (no parts list or public BOM)
- it is less that Itead won't fix the Nextions, it is less economical to do so.

User must:
- pay the freight in both directions
- pay for the parts and pay for the repairs.

It is less likely that it is only U7 and U4 that have been damaged
Typically when U7 and U4 have gone, then many other parts overly stressed.
- these other parts now cause the Nextion to be less reliable, or unreliable.

When insured freight both ways becomes more than the cost of a new one
    (even without adding in the cost of parts and repair time)
then the best course of action is for the user to buy a new one.

And this is why there is not a bunch of repairs being made
- one knows repair time would indeed be more profitable than profit on Nextion.

And if that was to be the course of action to actually be recommended
- it would not be long before the user complained repair costs did not make sense. 
Sorry if some may be less convinced of "i spent over 1000 eur"

With enclosure

8 x 7.0" NX8048K070_011C is listed at 92.93 Euros = 743.44

8 x 7.0" NX8048K070_011R is listed at 75.72 Euros = 605.76

Without enclosure

8 x 7.0" NX8048K070_011R is listed at 70.47 Euros = 563.76

8 x 7.0" NX8048T070_011R is listed at 64.45 Euros = 515.60

shipping of 256 to 484 Euros? 

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