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I connected my Nextion into 12vdc by accident!

Dear friends,

I made a mistake and connected my Nextion 7" in 12VDC :-(

Now it does not work and the L1 heats a lot. Any tip? Is it fixable or I lost it?

Thanks in advance.

Anderson Grossi

Sorry, I know everyone would like good news in times like this.

12V is too far over acceptable operating voltages.

But in the future you most likely wont forget a regulator for Nextion's power line.

Less helpful for now, ... future you will see it as more helpful then

If you are lucky, you only blew the 5V regulator.  Find it and replace it with a similar one.. You have nothing to loose and it will cost you < $1 for the part...

Hello Dave,

I have changed it. It was burnt! But the display did not work. I found another IC with problem... IL6EB. I will try to by and change. 

Thanks for the tip!

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