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Should I be Worried? inconsistent tinning.

I know Itead are recalling some of its units...

Should I be worried about the little amount of tinning on the AC power track? also there seems to be a extra capacitor soldered to my board, something I have not seen before.

I have just got 4, all with inconsistent tinning and extra capacitors thrown on




Sorry about your troubles

 - I would be worried

I assume high voltage is concern for you?

Attention to details perhaps important?

But you missed you post in the wrong forum

Missing with high voltage is a dangerous thing.

were did you buy such Nextion HMI displays?

I also like to buy Nextions with ESP8266 on board ...

In a more serious manner,

The recall link is here:

If bought from Itead, send photo and order number to ticket where told

- they will look at and tell you if this is problematic or not

If bought from another supplier,

you will need to go through the reverse order

 - to your supplier whom you purchased from

    so they can get a ruling and if need be a replacement

But for safety, it is best to check first before using.

Thank you for your responses!

I brought them from Store: Sonoff Oficial Store

I've contacted the supplier, raised a dispute.

I'm just glad I checked them over before use, Thank you!

oh and what forum should it have been posted in?

Discussions / Smart Home / Free Talk

is the Sonoff forums

This is what a Nextion is ...


Sonoff Oficial Store ... "Official" ?
AliExpress is not Itead.

When you purchase from Itead, higher quality assured

 - all are new in box and not customer returns

 - have not been used before

Shorter process to get support.

the ewelink app says "United Kiongdom" so I don't get to caught up in the translation.

It was the free postage and packaging that got me, I am a fool :(

I really do appreciate your help

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