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If no touch then timer!

Is there any way to have the display switch to a specific page if no touch event after a time period? I have a timer set up, but it switches to a page at set time regardless of touch. Thanks

Yep, there sure is.

You tell me exactly what the requirements are

 what is the cause that needs to trigger what

 - describe your requirements exactly

mhmhmhmhmh I am just thinking if it is forbidden by law, to stop and restart a given timer on any touch event of a given page ... :-)


On any given page, If no touch in 5 seconds then go to page "Home" I will adjust time further down the road and Home will be a lock screen. Thank you

why not set sleep on no touch and wakeup page to the page you want.

Nextion Instruction Set

  #10 thsp, #11 thup, #22 wup.

Patrick, I was unaware of that function, but I would like to keep the screen alive and display the school logo on the Home page for the projects demonstration day. Thanks for that tip tho, I'll have to remember that!

Many many things are in the documentation

So to trigger something within 5 sec

  one uses a 5 second timer

If not using firmware (like thsp would have)

  then one has to reset that 5 sec timer on all that can effect

As timer event code is not global

   every page needs duplicate timer

and all components per page that can effect timer needs to

   reset timer in touch/release

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