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Sergio's ZI Font Editor

Not much to say.

I don't like too much available tools, so I write myself a new one.

It support ASCII and all iso8859 characters maps, partial support for KSC5601, gb2312 and BIG5.

Please, feel free to use.

Check for updated versions here and at

Below is attached a 3.5 .NET compatible version

   to use Nextion Editor, you probably have .NET Framework 3.5 already

   if you still need it visit Microsoft (link .NET Framework 3.5)

Please use this thread to report bugs or ask features.

This software works with fonts generated from last version of "Nextion font generator",

I don't know if there are older version and file format for .zi fonts.

Thanks for your support



Congratulations, better tools is always a welcome addition.


Some older generated and/or edited fonts can have issues.

Renamed this thread to Sergio's ZI Font Editor

 - added thread to * Tools, Tips, Tricks and How-TOs in Gallery

Edited thread to clean up and be presentable.   Best wishes.

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