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Share Nextion 3.5" bezel drawing with all sizes

Please share Nextion 3.5" bezel drawing with all sizes. I need it to redisign bezel for my device and then order 3d printing on your factory. I can not measure sizes with good accuracy.

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sorry, but Nextion is Closed Source.

STL Files with exact meassurements for 3d printing are provided at


The datasheets for every display can be found at


there you also can find a section

    - Product Dimension

Thanks alot! That is exactly what i need!


out of curiosity ... what is the reason that you didn't look for the links by yourself? They are not hidden ...

with all respect, but it is neither our job nor our duty to find links for you ...

That link is very Inconspicuous. I have not saw it.
Thanks again!


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Help menu item of the Help menu in Nextion Editor

 - launches this Nextion HMI Solutions page into your web browser.

 - Nextion Instruction Set page also should be well travelled.

Most helpful links start from these pages