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nextion timers relay

Good day,


As in nextion to create timers for 8x which will turn on 6:00 and turn off 18:00 with setting for every day

and what is your question ????  :-)

Sorry for the evil of English. I need to create a code + hmi so that through the nextion i could run 8x releay using the timers DS3231 to turn on and off the relay specified hour with setting for each day

ok, but what is now the issue?

    - can this be done with a Nextion HMI Display? Yes

    - can somebody give you some ready to use code to do the job? Probably No



Sorry, posting in English is a necessary

Help Menu of Nextion Editor, Help menuitem.

Choose option 4

Nextion Quick Start Guide to start to learn how to make an HMI file

How to make an INO file

 - for this you need forums

Much reading is needed in the weeks ahead.

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