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Font error

 hi guys, i receiv nextion today, and do various tests with this incredible display, but font have issue, see the picture in button "START"


why appears st ar t ?

Sorry, this is not a bug but expected behaviour when your

  zi font is generated from a non fixed width font.

Learn more about ZI fonts in 

USE This Thread for FONT issues. Nextion ZI FONT Editor for Windows

Choose a font editing tool ... see

Tools, Tips, Tricks and How-TOs thread in Nextion Gallery

Hi, i try to use this tools, and i create more then 20 font`s, but ALL have blank spaces bettwen SOME letter (not all).. why?


Fixed width font, common in embedded devices.

Not many means of making I as fat as m

draw grid 8 wide x 16 high, try to accomplish.

This will form your future expectation within valid font type

Examples of fixed width fonts in Windows include:

Consolas, Lucidia Console, Terminal and Fixed Sys

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with ZI FONT EDITOR, i can edit position of any letter, this resolve problem, but i try consolas and work without any edit, thaks!

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