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Arduino mega 2560 with Nextion 4.3 enhanced

Hello, I have problem with connection display into board. Rx and Tx is ok but have problem with 5v and gnd. When I connect only power without Rx/Tx display start flashing, but nothing show. If conncet Rx and Tx it is same. Program in display is correct because if i connect external power source works fine. Can anyone help me with this problem? Can device be broken or...? Thanks

From what you are describing ... not broken, yet.

Seems more like you are not providing enough current.

Your Mega source may not be able to provide enough.

Refer to Nextion datasheet and Mega Datasheet.


Blurred screen? Flashing? You may suffer from power shortages

Thanks for answer. Yes this is my problem. I think the problem is in operating current. Display need 250mA but arduino mega have only 50mA. I try use arduino due but he have the same problem. Operating current is ok he have 800mA but voltage is low on this board only 3.3V. Solution is only use external power source and connect only RX/TX cable to arduino board.

Alll GND of Arduino, Nextion, and power sources  need also be common

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