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How to send command: page page1ÿÿÿ from MCU?

I send via UART from MCU to Display with command: page page1ÿÿÿ

But the display don't go to page 1.

How to do it please! Thank everybody!

Please ensure serial communications is TTL and correct baud rate

Now might be the time to dig into MCU documentation

and data sheets of your Nextion Model to ensure proper power and wiring

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I am sure MCU send is OK. I send data to change textbox is ok, it is mean communication is OK. So i donot know why send that command is no change anything. Send t0.txt="abc"ÿÿÿ is ok, it work. But send page page1ÿÿÿ is donot work. Why ?
And I am using display NX8048T070 to try that command. Please support me. Thank you so much!

IF t0.txt="abc"ÿÿÿ works then maybe serial setup is okay.

page page1ÿÿÿ is properly formatted.

See Nextion Instruction Set for page command.

Please note: Support 

  As per the Nextion FAQs it is not our task to debug code. (code present or not present)

  This is a public forum where users can help users, not a duty to be thrust and demanded.

try page 1ÿÿÿ

Re-review the Nextion Instruction Set

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I am sorry because use "support",now i understood that this is forum users help users. I will try your help in tomorrow. Thank Patrick Martin so much!

I happy to offer help where I can, time volunteered

if page 1ÿÿÿ works, your issue maybe that 

  issuing page page1ÿÿÿ will cause Nextion to search for page named page1

  issuing page 1ÿÿÿ will cause Nextion to goto page numbered 1 (after page number 0)

Hi. I just have tested command : page 1ÿÿÿ. It is working now. Thank you so much for your help. By the way, I want to ask about RTC. Can the display show time and date ? Or I must read RTC from MCU and send to display? I am really donot know this.

Sorry, model is indeed posted above.

The T series basic models do not come with Nextion side RTC.

For RTC, this would have to be done user MCU side and sent over serial

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Yes. So i will make RTC with MCU. Can you tell me about other nextion display have RTC? Thanks!

any of the K series Enhanced have RTC

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