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remove SDcard to display


I made a HMI file, then I compiled it without error, which gives me a TFT file that I copy into the SD card.
Then I place the SD card in the Nextion display.
After a few seconds the display shows "update succeffuly"
But I have to remove the SD card to see my screen
Why ?

Is it a way to use it without removing ?

And again as  a lot of us I would like to use my sdcard to store and USE some images.

Many thanks for your answers.


after flashing, the device must be rebooted ...

what do you think will happen, after the device reboot with still inserted SD-card?

and I again must ask, how many are "a lot of us"? When you can show me at least 1000 users who vote for your wish, I have something to talk to our dev team ... But sorry, I even can't see 100 ... and that's far too less to even start think about ...


I start with Nextion, so please do not be aggressive with me

1, you answers to my question by another question.

I am only asking if this is normal and why?
I noticed that it is no longer possible to use the SDcard as a database for example.

2, "a lot of us"?

Sorry to answers by another question, Do not you think that would be a big progress ?

Have a good day.


The microSD card is not able to be used in this manner at this time.

Current use of the microSD card is limited to uploading a TFT file into the Nextion.

The microSD card was not ever able to be used as a database for Nextion

Such expanded use is already a Feature Request in Feature Requests.

- please find such feature request and add your vote and comments to it

  - the more supported a request is by the community, the greater its odds

Asking a question as part of an answer is indeed acceptable practice

 - the whole process of coding is an exercise in logic, no?

   - the MCU will only process exactly as it was told to do by its programmer

   - what is not programmed purposefully does not yield an intended result

 - to hope to control a system, one has learn to understand the system

    - when one is less sure of their assumptions about such system

      then trial and error, and experimentation will help to form understandings

    - such results of experimentation begin to prove and disprove assumptions

      such a result, reforms newer assumptions on newer understandings

 - this process can indeed increase logic, increasing odds of success.

In the opposite, not exercising logic to increase understandings

  one would not have as great a chance for success.

Indeed, more complex situations will yet arise in programming logic and code

   as your project progresses

   - these too will require more thought and more thinking to work through

     the challenges that they then pose.

I might argue that there are very few times when not thinking becomes useful.

So if a question inspires more thought, I might think progress is indeed achieved.

After looking through the Feature Requests

Reading images from the sd card

Has been open for 13+ months, and has request +4 votes, 1 comment

SD card reader

Has been open for 12+ months and has request +2 votes, 4 comments

Using SD card for saving/reading files with variables

Has been open for 10+ months and has request + 1 vote, 1 comment.

Twice, Two of the votes are by the same person.

Of the 20,000+ registered forum users

less than 10 people expressed an interest in this feature in the last year.

A statement of "a lot of us", seems to be less supported by the facts

A question as to "a lot of us" and who these may be is valid

 - cause it may indeed to a great feature to have

 - so all of these "a lot of us" certainly need to be encouraged to vote.

and sorry, you need to understand how a boot-process works, not me ...

if you have this understanding, you also know the answer to your question ...

yeah, 5 voters for this in more than one year "is real a lot" ...

Patrick, Gerry, you're right, not many people are asking for that, but I'll give you a little story.

2 sellers are in Africa to sell shoes:
The first sends a message to his company: "I come back immediately, there is no market, here, everyone walks naked foot"
The second sends a message: "fantastic market, here, everyone walks naked foot"
I always reacted in my life as the second seller
You do  the same when you create Nextion a very good idea, and yes I will save my data to another SDcard...
but think by yourself, The voters are only the reflection of the good users, and even one as a very good idea, listen to him.
Have a good day
Jean-Pierre, the old man !


In theory you are right, but not in reality ...

in theory, everything is possible, but finally somebody also must pay for ...

Even your second seller like to explore african markets, the risk is fully on his side ...

- he must preinvest a lot of money before he even can start sell one ...
- even people are barefoot, that does not mandantory mean that they are also more happy with shoes ...
- in worst case he has a container full of shoes somewhere in africa, but nobody who buy them ...

When you have a lot of money leftover you can invest in whatever you like ...


But not every idea which sounds great on the very first view is still good when looking to the details ...

So, is it really a good idea to have SD cards available for more?

The Nextion HMI Display is a complete concept, and neither a PictureFrame replacement nor a portable DVD player. And it will never be ...

Just assume, you can use the SD card in the way you already want. What do you really like to do with? To use in the suggested way, the SD card is inserted permanently, so it is just a slow enhancement of available Flash Memory, nothing more ...

But which HMI application do need 16G of Flash on such a device? Do you like to save 100000 pictures, or 20000 pages of an ecyclopedia? Both would be far away from any HMI concept ...

Now you already have 32MB of Flash. Are you aware of any HMI application which does not fit in this?

Keep in mind, you have 3K (for T models) and 8K (for K models) SRAM left available for your own programs. What do you think, how much memory in SRAM does a full blowen FAT32 SD card library need, including all your commands to use your SD card? 

    - create directories

    - delete directories

    - save files in different modes

    - read files in different modes

    - change attributes of files

    - copy files

    - delete files

    - support for Long File Names

    - support for Short File Names

    - ...

    - ...

All additional will reduce your 3/8K of user space ...

Now guess, what will more quickly run out of memory, your 3/8K SRAM or your 32MB Flash ...

In other words, your available 3/8K is much more important than any bells and whistles for some enhancements without a real need ...

We have many requests for new commands. Commands which can be easily rebuild with the already included programming logic, commands which only would increase your laziness. Here 10 bytes, there 10 bytes, and guess how much SRAM memory would be left over for you when we follow all such requests ...

And after some time you don't have 3/8K, but only 2/4K leftover for your HMI design ...

I know people who walk barefoot thru their whole life, once bought some shoes, tried them out quickly throw them away and start walk barefoot again ... because it is just more comfortable for them ...

To keep your story, Inuits in Greenland also don't have a refrigerator. You also like to sell one to each of them?

Honestly, Itead has no need to sell refrigerators to Inuits ...

Now you have to know, I will use Nextion display with arduino and....Avr_dos from Mcselec.
Mcselec is the editor of Basic-Bascom a very fast compiler, Avr_dos is the OS for data I have use it in my astronomical clock astronomical clock

you will see a lot of Itead components...
Avr-Dos is usable with SDcard.
and now  I make the include file to share Nextion for all the bascom' users
I attach the first test basic program working (in txt)
Have a good day and forget my request about sdcard. I understand your point of view.



But please don't forget to vote it up in the Feature Requests.

I want to add, one of the amazing things that makes Nextion awesome is how its firmware squeezes all of Nextion's current capabilities into the Nextion side onboard MCU, and still manages to leave the user enough space for the user to have a good share of SRAM and a running HMI.

In the beginning, sure, easier to add one more variable.  Towards more recent versions, bytes need to be clawed back through an even higher efficiency to squeeze in the new features - so that the users HMI still runs and has its promised 3584 bytes of SRAM on the Basic models.  Neat trick indeed.

This doesn't prevent an SD card from being part of a current design, but user MCU side for now.

Feature Requests need the votes and comments to reflect the communities wish list.

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Thank you for the quality of your answers,  I vote :-)


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