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Send text to nextion from PC serial port with terminal


I'm trying to send a text value to my connected nextion display via a terminal programme on my PC.

The page on the display has a text box t0 and I'm sending this from the terminal

t0.txt="Hello Word"0xff0xff0xff

I can see the Rx LED flicker on the FTDI but nothing happens on the display,  is the format correct, I have searched the free chat area and tried some different combinations but most are referring to the Arduino library, which I'm not using!


Format is correct

  t0.txt="Hello Word"ÿÿÿ

Hmm! so I'm doing something else wrong then, do I have to specify the page? ie. I tried

ViewPage.t0.txt="Hello Word"0xff0xff0xff

as t0 is set to global.

it works when I use the debug and send ViewPage.t0.txt="Hello Word", could it be something to do with carriage returns?

nextion uses no cr/lf ... just triple ÿ 0xFF to terminate

Very useful if your terminal is in hex mode to see all

page prefix only useful if t0.txt is global and supporting logic exists

OK, thanks for the info. I'll try another terminal program just in case

I'm using an FTDI and uploading HMIs to the screen so I assume the serial is fine, is that not the case?

couldn't tell from details - if upload is successful, then fine.

ARGHHHH! it was the baud rate, send at 9600 and it worked!!

I thought it was 115200!

Oh well it's working now.

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