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File security


I am curious as to how secure a design file is once loaded onto the HMI?  Is there a way for someone to potentially extract the design from the display?

Sure there is the potential, there are always hackers, no?

You have to be more specific about what you are asking.

There is no "retrieve" command to download a TFT from a Nextion Device

There is no TFT to HMI converters that I am aware of incase TFT was achieved

The TFT upload into a Nextion device overwrites the existing

So there is certainly no direct route to extract a design once uploaded.

Serial access to component attributes is provided in

   Nextion Instruction Set get command

Picture and Font resources are displayable, not downloadable

Code in Events of components is not accessible, but triggerable

But seriously, software can be more quickly replicated from Visual clues

 - perhaps not in an exacting manner, but functionally sufficient

 - the button, slider, checkbox, text is not a patentable concept

 - neither is a press/release trigger

 - and there are seriously limited variations of button

What your MCU side code does with these triggers and serial data, and how

well that is in your MCU side code - how well is that implemented and protected

A button trigger without a corresponding MCU side action is meaningless, no?

An HMI design meant for Human Interaction with the Machine needs

    to allow for the Human Interaction.

What accesses the Humans have is provided in your design and implemented

   MCU side and less so in their Interface of granted actions and permissions

But as stated, there are always hackers

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Great, thank you for the reply :)

What was the actual concern?

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