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Nextion 7" with new enclosure / bezel

Hi Guys,

I'm tempted to order the new Nextion 7 inch with enclosure, however I have a few questions about the new enclosure if you wouldn't mind.

I have seen the small animation for the enclosure but it's very fast and difficult to see exactly how everything fits together.

So my questions:

1. Is it suitable for hollow / dry wall / plasterboard mounting? What I'm asking is, can it be mounted - and then removed again - from the front?

2. Once Nextion is fitted to the enclosure, is the SD card slot accessible or do I have to unscrew Nextion to make any updates via SD?



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This is my information from my engineers sample. In 1-2 days I will have a final one available for confirmation ...


the bezel has double sided 3M industrial glue tape on back for final fixing. Due to the nature of 3M, I would guess remove can be a tricky part based on your underground material ...

carefully heating with a hair dryer is a possibility ...but be aware, the plexy glass bezel is also heat sensitive ... too hot and you will permanently damage all ...


In generall, when finally inserted into the frame SD-Updates are a bit more tricky but possible ... a good tweezers is a good help ... another issue is, updates after final frame mounting ... that can became a challenge (point 1.)

So, before finally mounting, think twice ...

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