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Sonoff failed to pair with Ewelink.


I bought a Sonoff basic switch  but I can't get them to work. When I try and pair with it, I get the "incorrect password" message. I am using 12345678. Or it accepts the password and connects to the itead wifi for a few seconds and then disconnects.

I can connect directly to Sonoff only for few seconds if I setting static IP with my phone to: IP and Gate

I can't pair this with Ewelink.

Please help.

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I have the same problem. Bought 2 new Wifi switch, cannot pair using iOS, Android or Windows, use default password '12345678' in pairing mode and it says "Incorrect Password". On Android device, eWeLink identified the device as V1 board, so WHAT IS THE CORRECT PASSORD FOR V1 BOARD??

I read many users have identified this problem but I do not see any answer regarding this matter. Can we exchange these or if the engineers at Sonoff can give a guide as to what to do in this particular case. 

BTW: These V1 Sonoff were bought on eBay USA while those bought in Amazon USA works well even with Alexa.


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