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Please help, Anyway to recover project...

Hi, ive had a technical hitch... And i have lost the whole Nextion project file... I only have a recent copy of the firmware file you put on the SDcard...

Please tell me, Is there anyway at all to reverse engineer the firmware file back into a project file? Even if it means loosing naming conventions?

Can I ask what happened to the original HMI file


 - if accidently deleted but not overwritten, tools like OnTrack have a possibility to recover.

 - if an upgrade in Nextion Editor, a backup copy may have been made, check folder

   Open Build Folder – puts you in the bianyi folder

       up one folder to Nextion Editor, you will see a backup folder- may get lucky.

   this folder is used when opening a project from previous version

   perhaps a version from earlier Nextion Editor version exists.

I accidentally deleted the virtual machine drive that held the project file on it... It was several weeks ago now and there is no way to recover it...

I didnt realise that the drive had it...

IF Nextion Editor was not installed on the virtual machine, then check folder

  C:\Users\PROFILENAME\AppData\Roaming\Nextion Editor\backup

replacing PROFILENAME with actual folder for user

If this renders no success, there is no real means for users to recover

If super important, and has to be super important, there are disk recovery services

they require you to wrap the drive and ship it off.

and it has to be super important because these services are indeed very expensive.

One never really knows when

   OS causes an issue,

   user has an accident

   or Virus corrupts,

   or Hardware Fails

It kind of stresses why backups of all important data need to be made for any device.

Yeah none of that exsists... the virtual machine image was deleted a few weeks ago and theres been a fair amount of harddrive activity so the bits would have been written over...

Thank you for you help anyway... I think I may have an outdated backup that would at least save me some time rebuilding the project.

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