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Showing text in display with scrolling

Hello guys,

I searched for a solution, but still could not find any, what I try to do is something similar to the image below, but show the messages on the display with autoscroll.



That way, as the messages get into the Arduino they are sent to the display from top to bottom, how can I do that, any ideas? 


Should I use a text or Scrolling text field?


So far I can only display one message at a time in a static way, without autoscroll.

Thanks in advance.

    - when you like to have scrolling text, the "Scrolling Text Object" is one easy way to go ...

    - or just use SubStr for a rotating String manipulation ...

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Scrolling is a manipulation of many texts

- in a Memo field such as what you show in the Arduino IDE

  a memo is just a collection of single lines.

So one Text Component for each of the lines you want in HMI

so if you have 5 Lines that will make up your memo

Then MCU side  int line; // keep track of which line you write to

for each line used and now written, increment your line counter.

This works up until you are on your fifth line.

so before you can write to this line, you must make room for it.

this involves

if line >= 5




   t5.txt=new line on last

Also 3 days ago Andrew Davies released a project to public domain in Free Chat

"File Selection Dialog"

His project implements the technique you seek  HMI/TFT/INO posted

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