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Pointers on my gauges.

I am developing an Aquariumcontroller. My screen is a seven inch Nextion. So far it works like planned.

There is, however, one thing I don't like. The pointers!

I wonder if there is someone who has a way to make them more like, for example, the hands of a clock? What I am looking for are real pointers not just a simple line. Can this be done?


Ben Vogelzang.

(1.47 MB)

sure ... it can be done ...

have a look to the whole thread

or just search for Gauge and you already get many different ideas ...


Thanks, Gerry, for your response.

I signed my scales with a program called Inkscape. I made also a drawing of a scale, now with a needle as I imagine.

I have looked at your gauges. There are opportunities for shure. I saw what Leon van der Horst made, he must be Dutch, btw. They are smart... ;-) Good ideas. But where I am looking for is a needle like this:

Thanks again!


Ben Vogelzang.

(389 KB)

no problem with it ... :-)

I just made a quick demo ... needle shape as your example ... :-)


Something like this I spotted on YouTube.

But I am supprised! I thought it couldn't be done at a Nextion screen.

I think you can guess my next question....

Do you want to tell me how it is done?

I haven't the faintest idea where to start...



Ben Vogelzang.

Nextions can do much more as most may expect ...

but normally the limitation is not the Nextion itself but more the person who use ...

I just made another bigger demo, which uses exactly your Gauge png ...

Tutorials for this all will be made and posted in time ...

The films shell only give some ideas about ...

    - it can be done
    - it can be done quickly
    - everything graphically is possible



Hmmmm, I'm thinking... Are you using a lot pictures? Our, better perhaps, is a picture used several times?

I can't wait... so curious!


Ben Vogelzang.

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