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My Device Over Heating

I have a "NX3223T028_011" Nextion 2.8" TFT device.
I generated my TFT file with Nextion Editor application. And copy file to my micro SD card.

I integrated micro sd card to nextion device.
I got error such as "Check your sd card format FAT32?" etc...

On the other hand, GPU chip over heated.
I'm using nextion with Arduino Mega 2560.
I plug +5V to 5V  and TX to RX and RX to TW, and GND to GND.

It's so urgent for me. How can i fix it?
Thanks for helps.

"etc." as descriptive error is a bit too less ...

anyway, SD card is not SD card, there are many standards out. If yours won't work, change to a more reliable one ...

Overheating is a sign for too high current draw. Caused mainly by short circuits and wrong wirings ... check your whole design carefully ...

When wired all correctly, "Itead Nextion" displays won't overheat ... b.t.w. did you buy your display from Itead or any other source like eBay or Alibaba .... ?

If you didn't buy from Itead or a certified reseller, risk is on your side ...


GPU chip overheated?  Explain how overheated.

Check your sd card format FAT32 is standard

- Format microSD card FAT32, or use different card.

@Gerry Kropf Once, thanks for your reply.
I bought from different certificated reseller.

My SD card is working correct. When I pluged it my pc, i can reformat or read/write it.
I'm using only Arduino mega and Nextion Touch Screen(with any modules). When i connected nextion +5V and GND pin to Arduino, GPU chip heating very fast.

Not all microSD cards are compatible with embedded.

- So the fact it works in PC is insufficient details.

Next steps are as previously told

- Format microSD card FAT32, or use different card

the fact that your SD card works correct with your PC, does not mean that it also will work correctly together with other reading hardware ... that's a wrong conclusion ...

In case of a hardware issue, contact your dealer you bought from ...


@Patrick Martin @Gerry Kropf
SD card was working with Nextion couple hours ago. Thats why i need your helps.
I think my problem's origin is not sd card because when i execute Nextion without SD card, there is still overheating.

I tried again before send this message, the heating problem continues.

Thanks for replies.
In case of any hardware issue

    - there is nothing we can help about ...
    - please contact your dealer you bought from ...


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