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How to pick up touch coordinate

Sendxy sends the x and y coordinates, but how can I get these coordinates? I want to compare the x and y coordinates with a given pic!

Can someone help me?

*The image is merely illustrative, this does not work.


easy speaking, not available yet ...

search at FeatureRequest and vote for ... 500 votes for one is better than 500 separate posts for same ...


Currently x,y has to be caught by your MCU on the other end of TX.

Refer to Nextion Instruction Set, Return Data 0x67 and 0x68

Also format of if else statement



  pic va1.val,240-va0.val,6



  pic va1.val,240-va0.val,7


would be reflective of if sendxy option is in use

  pic 6 on, pic 7 off

Eu já promovi! Obrigado!

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