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Is it possible to move an object through the Nextion screen?

 Por exemplo, como o texto de rolagem faz com o texto? Animar uma imagem movendo-a da direita para a esquerda da tela!

For example, how does scrolling text do with text? Animate an image by moving it from right to left of the screen!

see Gallery GamesCorner e.g. first game Pong ... 

Scrolling Text is handled differently with firmware allowance to do

 - where it has ability to manipulate GRAM directly on screen

Refer to Nextion Instruction Set - whole section for GUI

Like this...

(139 KB)

Hey Steve,

  I think you should make a race track game,

  I'll take SeaBreeze in the 4th for 1 answer.


Yeah, that should in fact be do-able, randomise the timer 'tim' as the game goes on for a not so predictable outcome. Hmmm..

First ideas.......

(160 KB)

Would you put money on it? :)

Just gobsmacked at how easy that was. Nextion is brilliant guys! 

Hey Steve,

   Just Awesome ....

   I'd put money down on this race for sure !!

      20 QUID for lane 2 to win

   (Once I discovered how to rig the races

      -  slow down the other two lanes and

      -  speed up my horse's lane

     It's a sure fire win for me every time ... love it)

    Now just need the odds, payouts and how much I have won


Lane 2 is a bloody race horse ....

   came in 25 times in a row ...

By morning I should be able to buy London!

Version 2 will have an Anti-fix algo :)  Tamper=tm(x).en=0  Hehe....

The idea is realy great !!!!!!!!!!


We need different Racecourses ... Ascot? I will make HongKong .... :-)

And how about all the cracy Ladys hat fashion?

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