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Is it possible to move an object through the Nextion screen?

 Por exemplo, como o texto de rolagem faz com o texto? Animar uma imagem movendo-a da direita para a esquerda da tela!

For example, how does scrolling text do with text? Animate an image by moving it from right to left of the screen!

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see Gallery GamesCorner e.g. first game Pong ... 

Scrolling Text is handled differently with firmware allowance to do

 - where it has ability to manipulate GRAM directly on screen

Refer to Nextion Instruction Set - whole section for GUI

Like this...

(139 KB)

Hey Steve,

  I think you should make a race track game,

  I'll take SeaBreeze in the 4th for 1 answer.


Yeah, that should in fact be do-able, randomise the timer 'tim' as the game goes on for a not so predictable outcome. Hmmm..

First ideas.......

(160 KB)

Would you put money on it? :)

Just gobsmacked at how easy that was. Nextion is brilliant guys! 

Hey Steve,

   Just Awesome ....

   I'd put money down on this race for sure !!

      20 QUID for lane 2 to win

   (Once I discovered how to rig the races

      -  slow down the other two lanes and

      -  speed up my horse's lane

     It's a sure fire win for me every time ... love it)

    Now just need the odds, payouts and how much I have won


Lane 2 is a bloody race horse ....

   came in 25 times in a row ...

By morning I should be able to buy London!

Version 2 will have an Anti-fix algo :)  Tamper=tm(x).en=0  Hehe....

The idea is realy great !!!!!!!!!!


We need different Racecourses ... Ascot? I will make HongKong .... :-)

And how about all the cracy Ladys hat fashion?

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