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Put the serial into listen mode

 Hi guys

I don't know if this idea has any merit or not but I was thinking that if the serial comms could be but into a listen only mode and the display be given an address then you could hang multipal displays of the one comms line.

Any way I am having a lot of fun with the display its making life much easier, thank you for such a great product.



If you need to send commands from only one Nextion, you connect TX from this Nextion to RX on MCU.

In addition you connect RX from MCU to TX on all Nextions.


In this example, the text component t0 exists on the three Nextions, whereas t1, t2 and t3 exist on one Nextion only. Button b2 on Nextion 2 is used to send a command to MCU.

Of course Nextion 2 will send an error message to MCU when MCU sends t1.txt="xx" or t3.txt="xx", since Nextion 2 doesn't have t1 and t3 text components.

NB: I have not tested this solution, it is just a concept.

Hi Raphael Thanks for the idea, I guess I could always put a t1 and t3 into nextion2 on an unused page so I don't get lots of error messages. My project is to replace five analogue current meters with individual nextions, I'm thinking to not have the nextion touch screen talk to the main processor but to change screens and maybe reset individual counters in the display. Thanks, it will be a while till I get things up and running when I do I'll post my project and any solution Cheers Mark
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