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Error with Nextion software

Hi, I just want to bring something to your attention, for some reason I cannot display an upper case letter 'w' on the screen. This always defaults to a lower case no matter what I do.
Maybe this is in the GUI software and something to look at for the next upgrade.

This has everything to do with your chosen font you use.

I have tried with three different fonts and I get the same results. Should I avoid certain fonts?


I would not necessarily say to avoid certain fonts

I would say gravitate towards fonts that do as you like.

Capital W is a byte.  87 Dec or 0x57 hex.

It would be impossible for such byte 87 to be missing.

Ticket support as per the Nextion FAQs is limited and

restricted to Level 2 hardware support. 

Report a Bug is for actual bugs and not user errors

User questions in Report a Bug is Queue Jumping

 - expecting preferential and priority treatment

The forum users frown on such. It is not fair treatment.

If I try to input as though I'm sending from a MCU, this is the result:

The banner at the top shows "wednesday" and the input string shows "Wednesday"


Attach your HMI


(37.1 KB)

Post your HMI project file ... not a picture of.

First you jump queue, and then I am suppose to wait around like a fool.

I certainly have better things to be doing

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(10.2 KB)

Aprils Fool? I am not sure what you expect ...

The displayed match EXACTLY the defined ...

To show such, the Editor even has a  FONT PREVIEW !!!

(242 KB)

Here is the facts, this has been dealt with over and over again.

Nextion is fixed font width, and renders a font matrix width 1/2 of height

  4x8, 8x16, 12x24 .. all the way up to 80x160.

The nature of Nextion will not change, at least not in near future.

Therefore pick a font to generate from that information.

When one chooses a variable font outside this spec

 - the editor will attempt to accommodate,

   this results in skewing too much info into too little space.

 - there is never a real solution to the more data than space issue

   besides not attempting such too much data for too little space.

There are also tools to edit out or add in erroneous pixels,

   or tweak as the user sees fit.

But should it be the editor trying to accommodate for an impossible task

 - I think less so, and more user onus to choose wisely from the get go.

I fully understand and appreciate what you are saying regarding the rendering of fonts and can accept these as facts, so with this in mind I have installed the nextion editor onto a different machine and this works as it should, upper case and lower case with my font of choice!!!

Maybe you could say that it is possible to get issue during a download/upgrade??? But please use this as a consideration if you ever get this type of enquiry in the future. You can see the from the screen shots as evidence of what was happening but just for the letter 'W', all other letters were fine.

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