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Text Problem


Screen model is basic 3.5" 

What is the solution to this problem? 

I tried different fonts and sizes.

The display is the first opening image. NO problem.

When you send code with Arduino ... ("TEXT TEXT TEXT")

Other settings...

font 30 Sansation_16 15x16 ... this was generated how?

ZI font in encodings like GB2312 is square 16x16, 24x24, 32x32,40x40 etc

height is a multiple of 8 - width is same as height.

ZI fonf in encodings like ASCII, ISO-8859-X is rectangular

  8x16, 12x24, 16x32, 20x40, 24x48 .. etc ... 72x144, 76x152, 80x160

height is a multiple of 8, - width is 1/2 of height.

Until Variable width font feature is added into Nextion firmware

trying to go outside specification will have unexpected results

 - such as the cropping you are showing.

 - even if you have been able to get some steps towards variable width

   the underlying firmware only knows w=1/2h or w=h

This is dependent on your HMI encoding setting.

Nextion Editor Font Generator will not create a font in many

of the dimensions you show in the pictures above.

Fonts 0, 3, 5 and 9 are the only firmware compatible sizes.

So where did you find these zi fonts?

I use this software. V0.3

Because font size is more that.

This option is not available in the Nextion Editor. I need "Center Align"

The only person who knows exactly what he did is the author of this software ...

so, you should ask the author of this software about what he exactly did. Obviousely he didn't implement something well or even missed some aspects according to the ZI standard ...

When you use such an external software, you also must "live" with it's outout ...

Is the "Center Align" option will add to the Nextion Editor?

a center align for single characters in their matrix?

When you have >500 users who will vote for such a feature, then we can maybe talk to dev. team ...

But one is far too less to seriousely take into considerations ...


Yes, "Center Alıgn" for single characters.

This is a major shortcoming for Nextion Edıtor.

I searched for a new version for "Font Generator". But I could not find it.

I think latest version V.03.

with only ONE who ask for such a "feature" I wouldn't call it a "major shortcoming" even not a "basic shortcoming" ...

I am not aware of ANY software out, who will offer a character based matrix align ...

The external FontEditor is up to the author. If he provides more or not is up to him ...


Gerry you can not you? Or Patrick.

that's not a question of "can" or "not can" ... Nextion Editor is a Closed Source and we won't provide such customized spezial editions to single users, sorry ...


So maybe it can be added in new releases... Thanks ... Good works...

Maybe another advice:  try Nextion Editor Font Generator or ZI font Editor from this topic. Consider reading about monotype fonts eithe

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